Student activities are provided at Stamford High School as enrichment to the overall high school experience.

The various activities provide opportunities to pursue special interests and talents. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities to the degree that provides a proper balance with their required schoolwork. It's easy to find out about activities available at Stamford High. The challenge may be figuring out how much to do. 



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The primary purpose of student activities is to meet those school-related interests and needs of students that are not provided by the curricular program of the school. Student activities refers to clubs, community or religious organizations, intramurals, fine arts and interscholastic programs. The following is a list of objectives for the activities for students:

Help all students to learn how to constructively use their leisure time.

Help all students to increase and productively use their unique talents and skills.

Help all students to develop new vocational and recreational interests and skills.

Help all students to develop more positive attitudes toward the value of vocational and recreational activities.

Help all students to increase their knowledge of and skill in functioning as leaders and/or as members of a group.

Help all students to develop a more realistic and positive attitude towards themselves and others.

Help all students to develop a more positive attitude toward school as a result of participation in the student activities program.

Help all students to understand and participate in the democratic processes of an organization.

 College Resume

Colleges pay attention to the life of a student both inside and outside the classroom. Participating in student activities reveals a great deal about a student. Students are able to show colleges their interests, commitment, contribution and time management while maintaining a balance outside the academic setting. 

Work Experience

Work experience — paid or volunteer, year-round or summer — can help students identify career interests and goals, gain skills, and apply classroom learning to the real world. It's also a great way to earn money for college.

Community Service

Students can also achieve skills and experience through volunteer work, such as by tutoring elementary school kids or spending time at a local hospital.