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 The Friends of Stamford High  Alumni Association was established in the spring of 2006 to organize a Stamford High School alumni community as a resource for Stamford High, its students and alumni, and to provide a link between alumni and the current SHS administration and students. Records indicate that the first SHS alumni activity took place when, on the night before its commencement ceremony, the Class of 1882 invited back the Class of 1881 for a reception. In 1885, the Alumni Association of Stamford High officially was formed “for the purpose of fostering a spirit of loyalty and devotion to the Alma Mater and for mutual profit and pleasure.” News about individual alumni achievements and alumni social and fundraising events appeared in each issue of The Quarterly magazine. The funds that were raised helped to “decorate” classrooms. In 1907, the Alumni Association passed a resolution annually awarding a $10 scholarship to the graduating senior with the best grade point average in English. Annual dues in 1909 were 50 cents a year payable at the annual spring meeting. Membership at the time was 109.
It is unclear what happened to the Alumni Association over the decades, but the objectives of the new FOSH Alumni Association are largely the same as the original. It strives to organize events and programs to recognize and involve alumni; raise funds to support classroom, technology, athletic, arts, media center and other components of the SHS community; support the restoration, renovation and continued maintenance of Boyle Stadium and its facilities; and provide support to current students through mentoring programs, scholarships or other means identified by FOSH and the school administration.

The FOSH Alumni Association’s responsibilities include the SHS alumni directory, the alumni news on Stamford High School’s website (, collaboration with the SHS administration on the Wall of Fame, collaboration with FOSH and the Stamford High Gridiron Club on the Boyle Stadium Wall of Honor, and outreach to reunion classes.

Any class that would like to sponsor a scholarship for an SHS senior or a gift to SHS through the Alumni Fund should contact us at Please send donations to FOSH Alumni Association, c/o Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902. A donation form can be printed out from the SHS website.