The four-year English program is designed to provide students with reading, writing, and oral skills to encourage responsible social interaction, to enhance the learning process, and to generate enthusiasm for the power of language. All students are required to take four years of English: English 9, English 10, English 11, and one of the required senior offerings. These courses are homogeneously grouped by ability and performance. In addition, students are encouraged to select English electives that will broaden their experience and enrich their knowledge of language and literature. The English curriculum emphasizes skills needed for the CAPT, especially for the Response to Literature, Editing/Revising, and Interdisciplinary sections. In order to prepare students for their role in a diverse society, literature encompasses texts from a multitude of cultures. 


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Department Head:
Beth Gillin



Laura Broker

Melissa Correa

Marie DeAngelis

Lauren Forker

Sheena Gordon

Melissa Hadsell

Jennifer Hempstead

Ryan Hough

Frederick Kelley

Matt Kimmel

Robert Lutz

Gwen Reed

Jonathan Ringel

Rochelle Skaar

Randy Stone

Kristin Veenema

Katie Wingertzahn