The following information is intended to answer frequently asked questions by entering Freshmen, new students, and parents.


Bus Schedules/Passes

The Stamford Public Schools use the First Student Bus Company. Their telephone number is 203-977-4840. The bus schedules and routes are posted in the Sunday edition of The Stamford Advocate one week prior to the start of school. If there are any problems or concerns with the bus schedules, please call the Stamford Board of Education transportation manager, at 203-977-4249. There are two late buses that run every day at 5:00 PM. During midterm and final exams, the buses leave school at 11:50 AM, except the final exam day when buses leave after Period 7 exam.

Cafeteria - Free/Reduced Lunch

A student may qualify for free or reduced lunch if his/her family’s annual income falls within the guidelines set by the state of Connecticut. Applications for free/reduced lunch can be obtained from the secretaries in the main office.


With the number of computer labs at Stamford High students have many opportunities to use computers before, during, and after school. It is expected that students use proper decorum in computer labs by respecting other students, staff, and equipment. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who disrespects other students or staff or misuses equipment in the computer labs. It is mandatory that any student wishing to use the Internet services must have an acceptable usage policy form signed by a parent or guardian. (Forms are distributed in English classes. Additional forms are available in the Media Center)

Emergency Response Plan

According to OSHA guidelines we must have a staff evacuation plan in place to determine if all staff is out of the building if there is an emergency. In case of a building evacuation the following procedure is to be followed to determine is all staff has safely left the building.

Step 1: All teachers/counselors/social worker/psychologist and all other specialists are to locate and report in with their department heads. All security personnel/community liaisons are to locate and report in with the head of security. All clerical staff/nurses/health center employees are to locate and report in with the administrative assistant. All custodians are to locate and report in with the head custodian. All assistant principals are to locate and report in with the principal.

Step 2: The heads of the different departments/areas are to report in with the assistant principal in charge of their areas giving the names of anyone not accounted for and their possible locations. The assistant principals are to report in with the principal giving the names of people not accounted for and their possible locations.

Step 3: The Principal is to report names and possible locations of missing employees to emergency workers.

*Any employee who cannot locate his/her department head is to report directly to the assistant principal in charge of his/her department.


Student Parking

Student parking is restricted to the designated area south of Hillandale Avenue (across the street from the school). All other spaces are reserved for staff members. Students may not park in faculty-designated areas. Continued violations may lead to disciplinary action. .

Lost & Found

All articles found on school property should be returned either to the main office (main building) or to the attendance office (math-science building). Lost articles may be claimed in these areas. Those articles that go unclaimed will be turned over to a charitable organization at the end of each school year. The school cannot be responsible for losses. Therefore, we urge all students to keep their personal items in their lockers and to leave valuable possessions at home.


Upon entrance into SHS, each student is assigned a locker. Students will keep that same locker for as long as they are enrolled at SHS. The locker is for storage of his/her personal books and clothing. The lockers are provided with individual locks. Personal locks will be cut off. Lockers are located on each floor except the third floor. For security purposes, locker combinations should not be shared, nor should students leave their locker unlocked or switch lockers with another student. Students are responsible for the locker initially assigned to them. If they have a large amount of money or something of particular value, they may leave it in the main office for safekeeping. The school cannot be responsible for theft. If theft does occur, the case will be turned over to the police. Students who have a problem with their locker should go to the security office located on the first floor during the times posted. Remember that the principal or his/her designee may search a locker if there is reasonable cause to do so.


Progress Reports
All students receive progress reports midquarter. These reports indicate whether the students are passing, near failing, or failing their classes at that time. Reports can also be sent home at any time to inform parents of progress.
Midterms and Finals
Each exam counts for ten percent of a student’s final grade. The midterm is given in January and the final exam is given during the last week of school in June. During exam days no regular classes are held. There are two exams a day. Each exam runs one hour and forty minutes with a fifteen-minute break in between. All classes have midterm and final examinations except Physical Education. The Media Center and cafeteria are open for study from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon on exam days. Each department has its own guidelines in the event that a student misses a midterm or final exam.
Report Cards and Final Grades
Report cards are issued four times a year. The final grade represents the teacher’s evaluation of the student’s total achievement for the entire school year. The final grade is determined by the following procedures:

  • Full-Year Subjects: Each of the four quarters will comprise 20% of the final grade for a total of 80%. The two examinations, midterm and final, count 10% each for a total of 20%of the final grade.
  • Half-Year Subjects: Each quarter will comprise 40% of the total semester grade for a total of 80%. The final (semester) examination will count 20% of the final grade.
  • Physical Education Grading: A final grade is awarded. The grades awarded are either A, P, M or F.