The Health Education Program provides students with a comprehensive study of various aspects of personal health and wellness. Units include decision-making process, emotional health, nutrition, fitness, sexual health, substance use and abuse, violence prevention, First Aid and CPR. Students are required to take one full year (two semesters) of Health courses, typically taken during 9th and 10th grades.

The Physical Education Program fosters an environment where all students are physically educated and participate in lifelong physical activity. Students have a variety of options to choose from to develop and enhance their personal fitness and wellness. All students are required to take one full year of Physical Education over the course of two semesters. During their sophomore year all students will participate in the state mandated Connecticut Physical Fitness Test within their Physical Education class.

The Physical Education Department offers the opportunity for students to make up PE classes every Monday in the Cardio Room from 2:15 until 2:45.


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Department Head:
Rit Lacomis


Jenna Albano

Stephen Buckett

Sheena Carpenter

Melissa Giordano

Daniel Lauture

Lynette Martinez

Mike Nazzaro

Shari Paci

Michael Summa


Athletic Director:
Jim Moriarty

Boys Gym

Girls Gym