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The Stamford Public Education Foundation's mission is to support the students and teachers in Stamford's Public Schools through community collaboration and philanthropy. At the elementary level, the Foundation supports literacy initiatives and at the middle and high school levels our focus is on college and career readiness.



Several of our Stamford Public School students in concert with the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program and SPEF created videos demonstrating how Naviance can assist students with academic, career and college success. 

CLICK HERE to link to the SPEF YouTube page.  From there you can click on videos and find a variety of videos for students and parents on using naviance.




SHS Guidance Dept. welcomes you to Naviance Family Connection
If you are registered and have a code

If you do not have a Naviance code and need to register please contact Ms. Andrena Forlenzo in the College & Career Center AForlenzo@stamfordct.gov /203-977-5754 or your student's school counselor.

The Guidance Office is pleased to offer this program that will assist students in their career and college search.  Family Connection by Naviance is a Web-based tool that School Counseling offices use nationwide, to track and analyze data about students’ college and career plans.

Family Connection will allow you to:

Get involved in the college planning and advising process: Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.

Research colleges: Compare GPA, SAT scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from SHS for students who have applied and been admitted in the past. (current historical data is not available and all student information is private) 

Sign up for college visits: Find out which college and university representatives are visiting our school during the fall months and sign up to attend those sessions

Family Connections is also a great tool to inform our school community about upcoming events and programs from the Guidance Department including financial aid, scholarships, web resources, SAT/ACT test prep, etc. We hope you find this program to be helpful as you begin your high school career or your college search. 

How To Use Naviance - CLICK HERE for help or view the link to view youtube videos on the left side of the screen


Naviance Resources



How to Access


Record your high school activities, awards, volunteer experience, etc. 

Rearrange your information into multiple printable versions of a résumé that you can use to present to potential employers or colleges.

Click the About Me tab

Click the Résumé hyperlink under the Interesting Things About Me section

Explore Interests

Take a career survey, a tool that can help you discover the types of work activities and careers that match your interests. Use the results to explore suggested occupations; examine the education, training, and skills required [and where to obtain them], as well as wages typical for these occupations.

Click the Careers tab

Click the Career Interest Profiler hyperlink under the What Are My Interests? section

Do What You Are

A personality survey. Use the results to explore suggested college majors and careers based on your preferences and strengths.

Click the About Me tab

Click the Personality Type hyperlink under the What Are My Interests section

College Search

Set search criteria to yield a list of colleges to explore. Save your search to access/modify later.

Click on the various tabs of the college profile (general, admissions, financial aid, majors and degrees, and student life) for additional information.

Add colleges you’re interested in to your My Colleges list for future reference. You will be notified by email when those colleges schedule a visit to SHS.

Click the Colleges tab

Click the College Search hyperlink under the College Research section


Groups types of colleges by location. Click on a college to view its profile

Click the Colleges tab

Click the College Maps hyperlink under the College Research section

Scholarship List

National, regional, local and collegiate sponsored scholarship opportunities. Database lists entries by name, deadline, award amount, merit vs need-based and application requirements; click on a column header to sort entries.  You can also browse by category to yield a search list relevant to your interests.

Click the Colleges tab

Click the Scholarship List hyperlink under the Scholarships & Money section



How to Access

Application History

Summary of SHS application results (admit, deny, enroll), by year.

Click the Colleges tab

Click the College Lookup hyperlink under the College Research section


School Statistics

Historical summary of SHS application outcomes (number admitted, denied etc...) by application decision plan (regular, early decision etc..) by college.

Historical average of GPA, SAT and ACT scores of admitted SHS applicants, by college.

Click the Colleges tab

Click the College Lookup hyperlink under the College Research section

After looking up and selecting a college, click on School Stats hyperlink located beneath the college's contact information. Two tables are displayed Outcomes & GPA and Test Scores


Historical application results (admit, deny, waitlist) represented in a scattergram (i.e. graph); applicant average GPA appears on the y-axis and applicant average SAT scores on the x-axis. For an applicant to be represented on a scattergram for a given college, three things must be present:

an application result (accepted or denied)


a test score

Click the Colleges tab

Click the College Lookup hyperlink under the College Research section

After looking up and selecting a college, click on Graph hyperlink located beneath the college's contact information.

College Compare

Compare your GPA and test scores to the average GPA and test scores of SHS admitted students for colleges you are considering. School averages are displayed in green when your numbers are higher and in red when your numbers are lower than those of past admitted students.

Click on the College tab

Click the Colleges I'm Thinking About hyperlink from the My Colleges section.

Click the Compare Me hyperlink above the table.

Naviance is promoted as the premier student success planning solution that empowers students to create their own path towards academic, personal and community success. Delivered through a secure, Web-based platform, Naviance Succeed enables teachers, counselors, administrators, and families to collaborate with students on a daily basis as they chart their path and work towards academic and postsecondary success.

Using our S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting templates, students can develop short- and long-term goals that map to interests, abilities, and future aspirations. They can also build a to-do list for tasks that relate to their academic, career and college goals and have the ability to add personal reflections. A 21st century alternative to paper planners, Naviance Succeed gives students the tools to create a personalized action plan with automated reminders.

With Naviance Succeed, students learn more about themselves and their goals. High quality, validated career exploration tools and assessments link personality type and interests to a broad range of career choices. At their fingertips, students have access to more than 1,000 career descriptions, requirements and wage information, in addition to more than 600 engaging videos—many in both English and Spanish.

Not only do our career planning capabilities support extensive career exploration, our career clusters and recommended plans of study help students understand the rigor of the coursework needed to pursue those careers. Naviance Succeed allows students to see how academic choices they make today can affect success tomorrow—and how maximizing the rigor of their curriculum can expand their options.

By building multiple plans of study that map to graduation requirements and specific career clusters, schools can help students consider course choices that reinforce their goals foster a college-going culture and increase college readiness. The college planning capabilities of Naviance Succeed give students and families access to thousands of colleges using innovative search tools and provides Scattergrams, scholarship information and statistics that offer insight into the application process. Students are able to submit college applications and all supporting documents electronically to over 1,000 colleges.