SLIDES Carnival--templates to use with Google Slides


TED-Ed:  5 minute videos, questions


Jeopardy-5 Topic Template  (File--Make a Copy)  Other Templates


Poll Everywhere


QR Code Generator


Padlet:  Combine text and pictures to create a page/poster


Kid Picker-Connects with a Spreadsheet of names to pick on kids






EDpuzzle- connects to Google Classroom, tracks if students watched video and allows you to integrate questions into it!


Subscription Databases (Will need user names and passwords from home, please pick up sheet in library)



Gale Lesson Plans




New York Times Learning Network

New York Times Curriculum Guides

Library of Congress Lesson Plans


Gale Lesson Plans

MIT -- AP Bio, Calc & Physics

Discovery Education

Academy of Achievement for Teachers

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


C-SPAN American Writers

Math for America

ERIC For searching ERIC abstracts and Digests and ordering documents. Includes an archive search for older materials, back to 1966.

ERIC Expert Search Strategies Access to ERIC Digests

ERIC Thesaurus Help using the language of its database and its best descriptors. 

GEM Gateway to Educational Materials "One-stop, any-stop access to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet.".

Test Reviews Online Test information from the Mental Measurements Yearbook Series.

FREE Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Collects the contributions of more than 30 Federal agencies to "make hundreds of Federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find."

Doing What Works(US gov)

State Education Reforms Collection major developments in state-level policies.

National Center for Educational Statistics

No Child Left Behind Site

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators


Teaching Channel

Alan November (Educational Technology Consultant)

Plagiarism Advice