The Senior Internship Program will take place from May 15, 2017 to approximately June 9, 2017 (ending date subject to change based in graduation date). The internships will provide various experiential learning opportunities at different locations across the city.  This program will give students the opportunity to pursue their unique interests, passions and talents with hands on job experience.

In order to participate, seniors must meet the following prerequisites:

Have a minimum cumulative GPA of  2.0

Provide teacher recommendation

Successfully meet grade, behavior and attendance requirements for both semesters 1 and 2

Have coverage of health and auto insurance (auto insurance if driving to, during and from the internship site)

Be passing and not in danger of failing any senior year course (this includes PE)

Meeting all graduation requirements

Have settled all accountabilities prior to the start of the internship

Endorsement from parent

Review and approval from the Guidance Counselor, Principal and Internship Program Coordinator

Students who are approved to participate in the Senior Internship Program will finish their regular classes, after AP testing and will have their grades finalized and classwork requirements ended as they go to their internship sites full-time (30 hours per week).  The internships will take the place of attending school for the last four weeks of classes.  All internships are UNPAID.  Students will be assigned to a position and will have a mentor on the job and a school faculty mentor who will monitor their progress throughout the internship.