Socoial Studies

The Social Studies program is designed to prepare students to take an active role in the affairs of their local, state, and national community. It explores the traditions and ideals of our national heritage and their relationship to the history of the world. The focus is on the process of reaching rational decisions based on facts gathered through research, the rules and responsibilities of a just society, the importance of economic and geographic relationships, and the richness of our history and its diversity. With a thorough knowledge of the historic foundations, students develop the skills and competencies to become responsible citizens in our democratic society.


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Department Head:
Doug MacLehose



Michael Arcano

Larry Barnett

Kevin Barry

Jon Boone

Michael Brown

Jeffrey Cavagnaro

Tiffany Clark

Nicole Dastoli

Gina Figliuzzi

Marceline Fraser

Marianne Gutierrez

Matt Harbilas

Matt Moynihan

James Moriarty

Jonathan Puhl

Jeanne Valentine

Jeremy White


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