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The Department of Student Support Services oversees Guidance, Psychology, Social Work, and Parent Facilitators. Programs and services described in the website have one common goal: to provide a continuum of developmental, preventative, remedial, and supportive services that enhance opportunities for all students to achieve academic success and personal well-being. Students are encouraged to visit with the staff of each department to learn how they can receive appropriate help.



The School Nurse‚Äôs Office is located to the left of the main entrance to Stamford High School. The two School Nurses are available during school hours to assist students who are sick, provide first aid and emergency care, and assist with non-emergency health services. They also make referrals to the School-Based Health Center. Only the School Nurse can release a student from school for medical reasons, with approval from a parent or guardian. EpiPen Auto-Injector Information


 School psychologists are available to facilitate learning and to promote the cognitive, social, and emotional development of all students. Each school has an assigned school psychologist whose main activity is to enhance the academic achievement of students. This objective is facilitated through the assessment of student needs, implementation of school-wide programming at the primary prevention level, development of positive individual student outcomes, administration of diagnostic evaluations, progress monitoring of student performance, and the offering of therapeutic counseling and crisis counseling supports. School psychologists also offer consultative resources to parents, faculty, and administration in an effort to further promote student learning and social development. The Psychology Department strives to assist in the harboring of a positive school climate that fosters academic and social competence for all learners.


School social workers are available to all students needing individual or group counseling in order to alleviate personal crises and problems of adjustment within the school, the home, or the community. The confidential nature of these communications is understood and respected by each of the social workers and the school community. School social workers are available to parents, faculty, and administration to facilitate and support appropriate educational plans and services for students. Likewise, school social workers maintain close collaborative ties to community providers and serve to connect families to appropriate communal supports available. School social workers who speak a variety of languages are available to each school to meet the needs of all students and families. The department's goal is to enhance student functioning so as to enable the student to take full advantage of his/her educational resources.


The School-Based Health Center is located across from Room 118 on the first floor of the main building. The Center is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, a Social Worker and an Office Support specialist. Preventive care services, physical exams, immunizations and mental health services (short-term individual and group counseling) are available during the school day or by appointment to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. Dental services are available at the Westhill High School Health Center. A student can be seen only if a signed parental permission slip is on file. All students receive a permission form in the mail over the summer, but additional copies are available at the Health Center. Students are encouraged to assume increased responsibility for their own health maintenance throughout their time at Stamford High School. Parents need not be present during appointments.  Call 203 977-5511/5512 for more information about Health Center services .


Each high school has a staff of school counselors to assist students in selecting options related to educational needs, career planning, and matters of personal and social concern. Upon admission to the high school program, all students are assigned a school counselor. Throughout their high school years, students meet with their counselors to obtain information on matters that will require decisions to be made and action to be taken. Counselors assist students in selecting courses that will meet their educational objectives. Counselors encourage students to take advantage of computer programs for college and occupational information and to participate in the regularly scheduled visits of college and career representatives. From the Guidance Office information of general interest to students is widely circulated within the school. Counselors conduct evening programs for parents on topics of special interest relating to financial aid, college admissions, and career orientations. Parents may make appointments to see teachers through the counselor. Students may see their counselor at any time by appointment. For more information refer to Guidance tab.

The Security Office has a full staff of security guards plus two School Resource Officers (SRO), who are members of the Stamford Police Department. Security personnel are visible throughout the building during the school day, with one or two per floor, to monitor entrances, hallways, restrooms and other locations. The SRO is the Law Enforcement Officer in the building and works with staff, faculty and students to ensure the safety of all. Security personnel also are on duty after school hours and during games, team practice sessions and school events. Several serve as coaches of SHS sports teams or drive teams on school buses to their games off campus. Students can seek help and support from security staff.


Parent facilitators provide parents and caregivers of Stamford Public School children with information and support in accessing available resources in the schools. They promote respect for parents and caregivers as partners in education. Facilitators help parents access information about the policies and procedures of the Stamford Public Schools, assist them with issues and concerns they have, and aid them in understanding the protocol when addressing those issues to effectively voice their concerns. Parent facilitators work with the school community to promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.