Questions to Ask on College Visits

To Tour Guides and Other Students

  1. What is the procedure for selecting a roommate?
  2. What is the food like?
  3. What do people do on the weekends?
  4. What is the student atmosphere like?

Housing Questions:

  1. What is housing like each year?
  2. Is housing guaranteed?
  3. Communal bathrooms?
  4. Do they triple up freshman?
  5. Are there doubles, triples, quads, suites, apartments, townhouses, etc.?
  6. Furniture provided? Bunk Beds? Desks?
  7. Are the dorms quiet enough to study in? Do you have to go to the library?

Other Questions:

  1. What are extra costs for students? (laundry, printing, etc.)
  2. Are professors available for extra help, office hours, etc.?
  3. What are the computer policies, areas of usage, etc.?
  4. What are some on-campus activities?
  5. What is the drinking/partying life like?
  6. What is a typical student like?  Are students more alike than different?
  7. What is the weather like?
  8. Are there activity centers (student unions, hangouts, etc.)?
  9. What are the athletic facilities like?
  10. What are the car policies?
  11. On average what do textbooks cost a semester here?
  12. Is there a procedure for selecting roommates freshman year?

Admissions Office and Financial Aid Questions:

  1. What does this college/university have to offer over other similar colleges/universities such as ______________________. (research before asking!!!)
  2. What is something that most people do not know about this college?
  3. What are some opportunities you offer for financial aid?


8 Tips for a Successful College Visit

  1. Explore on Your Own!!
  2. Read the bulletin boards
  3. Eat in the Dining Hall
  4. Visit a Class
  5. Talk with a Professor
  6. Talk to Lots of Students
  7. Sleep Over
  8. Take Pictures and Notes