World Language

Modern technology has made it imperative that we learn to communicate successfully with people of other lands in and through their native language. The World Language program provides for instruction in three modern languages as well as in the classical language of Latin. The program emphasizes communication and understanding and appreciation of other people’s literature and culture. It also recognizes the need for developing speaking competence and proficiency in the language of the student’s choice as related to possible career goals. World language classes are taught according to the Stamford Board of Education and State of Connecticut curriculum guidelines of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.


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World Language Faculty

Department Head:
Dr. Kristina Lawson



Francine Anderson

Maria Cahill

Lizette Cedeno

Matt Gladstone

Karen Grady

Andrea Loaiza

Patty Pansino-Ruffo

Stefanie Restaini

Lisa Rich

Yvette Salomon

Leni Wilder


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